DESOI LP distributor

  • Injection and maintaining of pressure at 4 packers simultaneously
  • Each connection can be shut off separately
  • Manometer at each connection - monitoring of pressure drop for each packer individually
  • Different coupling systems can be used
  • Light-weight and compact
  • Easy operation and cleaning
Material to be used
  • silicone micro emulsion
  • aqueous solution
  • micro emulsion
Technical data
Weight 5.5 kg
L x W x H 27 x 40 x 59 cm
Product description
The handy DESOI LP distributor is connected to the injection pump and allows the simultaneous injection of four injection packers. The parallel supply of the lamella drive-in packers reduces the workload. Each connection is equipped with manometer and ball valve which can be shut in case of pressure drop (achieved injection volume), this ensures individual control of the pressure on each packer. Furthermore, at each end of the material hose there is a mouth piece incl. mouth piece protection for practical attachment to the lamella drive-in packer with round head nipple.
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