DESOI M-Power 60Z

Video - Activation

  • Big material passages - high delivery
  • Accumulator with manometer for pressure control and constant material output
  • Space-saving transport - collapsible
Material to be used
  • aqueous solution
  • injection mortar
  • cement paste
  • cement suspension
Technical data
Working pressure - acc. to compressive force 0 - 20 bar
Delivery rate 150 ml/stroke
Grain size max. 0.3 mm
Weight 20 kg
L x W x H - working position 85 x 37 x 77 cm
L x W x H - transport 80 x 37 x 41 cm
Product description
The handy and compact manual reciprocating pump DESOI M-Power 60Z is efficient and suitable for quick service on site. The ready-mixed material is sucked directly out of the mixing container.
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